Home made fly spray 

I’m kinda funny with store bought fly sprays, they’re pricey and many of them have nasty chemicals in and as we run a pretty natural holistic yard I don’t like to mess with chemicals.

It’s taken me a while to get this recipe, it is all natural and it WORKS! 

The main ingredient in this is Neem oil, which has been used in medicines all over the world for thousands of years. It has anti bacterial, anti fungal and anti paracitic properties. It is amazing at treating skin issues and wounds making it a no brainier in my book. 

You will need

  1. Citronella oil 
  2. Neem oil
  3. Cold pressed tea 
  4. Aloe Vera 
  5. Eucalyptus oil 


Now Neem is a fickle thing, I like to blend it into hot tea and then leave to cool. When it’s cold Neem oil is a solid, so warming it up will help your recipe greatly. It can look a little funky but warming it up will help. 

I added 10 drops of citronella and eucalyptus oil to my bottle, then a big dollop of aloe Vera, this has no insect repellent qualities but it’s brilliant for the skin. 

Then add stewed tea and a table spoon of Neem oil.  (The tea blends with the Neem better if it’s warm) 

Give it all a really good shake and make sure everything’s mixed in well. You should be good to go! 

Let me know if you make your own and how you get on! ūüôā 



Hoof Jack Genuis. 

I’ve been meaning to get hold of a hoof stand for a while, I tend to tidy the boys feet between farrier visit and I think it’s important for any barefoot horse owner to know the basics of hoof trimming. 

Now Hoof Jacks are beautiful and come in fancy colour and certainly look super smart, but the ¬£200 price tag just seemed so steep for someone who just wants to be able to tidy feed up. That and I’m too frugal for my own good. 
Yesterday I went and picked up car axel stands (¬£15 for 2 in halfords) and I’m super happy with them. They can hold up to 2t and are a little easy to tip but okay if you can teach your horse to stay extra still. 

iRide Live *Review*

I’ve been using the woof wear apps for some time now, their GPS was originally rather aptly named ‘track my hack’ which I believe has now been upgraded to ‘iRide Live’. Available from the App Store free! 

This screen is your home page as it were, the big button in the middle makes it easy just to press go and set off, no faffing, it just picks you up where you are and follows you till you press stop. 

The features are much the same from track my hack to Iride live, you can select different horses and add in their height, age, colour and breed, good when comparing how fast you did one route on one horse to another. (Rocket is a much speedier horse than Henry) 
What I love about it is that it follows you via GPS rather than through your signal or Internet. Much of where I’m hacking is a phone black spot, but this stays with me the whole way. I can see super easily how far I’ve been, where I’ve been and compare how long different routes were. 

Overall I guess I’d give it an 8 out of 10. It does the job, it can sometimes be sticky to save at first, and sometimes you’re not 100% it’s set off with you but it usually has had its just me being impatient.