Easter cookies! 

We’re baking peanut butter, carrot and turmeric cookies for our herd this Easter! 

These are super easy to make! 

All I use is

  1. 1 table spoon of turmeric 
  2. 2 table spoons of oil 
  3. 2 table spoons of peanut butter 
  4. 2 cups of flour 
  5. 1 chopped up carrot
  6. Cracked black pepper 

I mix all these bits into a bowl and add water, once it turns into a dough I roll out and use a cookie cutter to make cookies and bake at 150 in the oven for 15 mins. 

Happy Easter everyone! 



Home made fly spray 

I’m kinda funny with store bought fly sprays, they’re pricey and many of them have nasty chemicals in and as we run a pretty natural holistic yard I don’t like to mess with chemicals.

It’s taken me a while to get this recipe, it is all natural and it WORKS! 

The main ingredient in this is Neem oil, which has been used in medicines all over the world for thousands of years. It has anti bacterial, anti fungal and anti paracitic properties. It is amazing at treating skin issues and wounds making it a no brainier in my book. 

You will need

  1. Citronella oil 
  2. Neem oil
  3. Cold pressed tea 
  4. Aloe Vera 
  5. Eucalyptus oil 


Now Neem is a fickle thing, I like to blend it into hot tea and then leave to cool. When it’s cold Neem oil is a solid, so warming it up will help your recipe greatly. It can look a little funky but warming it up will help. 

I added 10 drops of citronella and eucalyptus oil to my bottle, then a big dollop of aloe Vera, this has no insect repellent qualities but it’s brilliant for the skin. 

Then add stewed tea and a table spoon of Neem oil.  (The tea blends with the Neem better if it’s warm) 

Give it all a really good shake and make sure everything’s mixed in well. You should be good to go! 

Let me know if you make your own and how you get on! 🙂 


To bit or not to bit…

Bitless is becoming more and more  ‘normal’ practice as time goes on. When I first learnt to ride I’d never heard of Bitless, and when I realised what it was I thought it would be exclusively for very good ponies! 

The idea of getting on a horse without something in its mouth was a very alien thought to me not so long ago, and would have felt like driving my car without my seatbelt (or breaks!)
It wasn’t until I saw someone much more capable than me get on my own hot headed horse in nothing but a halter that I realised that the only thing standing in my way was me. There are loads of different options for you and your horse, I found keeping things simple worked for me. 

Now let’s expel some Bitless myths!! 

1) Not every horse can go Bitless! 

Absolutely false, given the right time and training I genuinely believe absolutely every horse can go Bitless. 

2) I would have NO breaks!

Again, false. If you think your horses breaks are in his mouth, you probably shouldn’t have a horse. Getting a horse to stop is 100% a mental action. You’re asking and they are responding, the lack of response is a hole in your training not a lack of metal in his mouth. 

3) Bitless bridles can actually be more harsh than bits, those poor Bitless horses *sob sob* 

Now this is a funny one because I could agree, however, if you have bad hands then it’s you bring harsh, not the bridle. On the whole, Bitless is a much nicer way to go about things. 

4) my horse can’t work in an ‘outline’ without a bit. 

Again false, keeping a horse round and soft is possible tackless, I think it’s beautiful to watch a horse offer an ‘outline’ without force, why aim for anything less?

Henry came to me three years ago and we went Bitless after about 6 months, however we went about it in our own way. Some people say ditch the bit all together and don’t look back, others go between the two for a while and that was the way I did things. I’ve got to the point now where 99% of the time he’s Bitless, some days I might hack out and take my bit with me but that’s really for my own mental state than he actually needs it. 

Getting a horse to respect what you’re saying is a tough thing to do, and sometimes Henry will decide he has better ideas than me but we always get there eventually. 

What are you Bitless experiences?