Home made hoof clay 

I’ve been meaning to pick some hoof clay up for some time now, having horses living out 24/7 through winter (by choice obviously) can have its drawbacks when it comes to feet. They often come in with wet stinky feet and I end up just scrubbing them out and sending them back into the trenches, hoof clay is an invaluable product when it comes to abscesses, hoof cracks, white line and the sulcus of the frog and will keep holes plugged and feet clear of infection. 

So, making your own hoof clay! The main ingredient in this initial batch is green French clay, a natural, organic and mineral rich product which has numerous benefits for both people and horses. 

there’s lots of different types of natural clay, and I’m tempted to mix the next lot with another type but my research hasn’t determined which yet, so I’ll go on with this one. 

 I also added zinc oxide, which has been documented as being used for its skin healing properties since 500 AD. It’s a little more lab manufactured now that it would have been back then, but it still prevents infection, helps with wound healing and even has sun screen related properties!  

And finally tree tree ( need I go into the billion amazing things tea tree does?)

You will need a plastic or glass tub and the same applies with a spoon. Using metal will mess with the natural properties in the clay, and you definitely wouldn’t want that.  

After adding your tea tree you want to mix the lot while adding a little bit of water at a time untill you get the consistency that you’re happy with. (I use water that’s just boiled so it’s sterile) 

I use cotton wool to pack the clay into gaps, holes and cracks. My two suffer a little with thrush and are over due a trim, so I’m using the clay to pack down into their feet. 

It needs to be left to set for a little while, the less water you add the thicker it will be, but similarly if it’s wetter it will seep into more small cracks and fine lines. If you have a bucket handy, you can leave their clean packed clay in a bucket while it sets, or better yet hoof boots! 
If you try this yourselves send me the results! I’d love to see what variations people are making. 
Much love 
Jess xx 


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