Derwent Reservoir – Peak District 01.12.16

This is a dead easy one (and boy is it beautiful!)
So, to Derwent from us is around 45 mins. We boxed up with thermals, maps and lunch. The aim really was to get our bearings today, there’s a lot of potential riding round here but much of the routes look fairly untouched. 

Henry was back in action after a strange lame week, and the route being dead easy was a brill choice to get him back in the swing of things. 

Our starting point is the main car park at Derwemt, which is easy to park in, has really helpful staff and a cafe and loo (RESULT!) from here you pretty much follow a quiet lane/road all the way round the outside of the reservoir. With our lunch stop being the top point of the route (and my favourite little spot in the Peak District) Slippery Stones. The route is brilliantly quiet, occasional bikes and cars but very few and far between and enough space for everyone, the second part of the journey is a footpath and we barely saw a soul. 

Now in summer, this would have been a very different ride. I’ve been to slippery stones before and it’s been like a tourist attraction, I’ve never been the only person there, untill now. 

Lunch spots just don’t get much better than that now do they H? 

The way back the footing is slightly harder for a barefoot horse, Henry was fine but took it slower. The Tarmac at the beginning was much easier than a gravel track for him. Nevertheless the ride is nice and you follow the windy route back along the water until you reach the car park. 

All in all it’s about 3.5 hours, but there are several options for routes up and over the surrounding hills and mountains that we’re eager to explore.

There’s a hitching post so you can tie up and have a tea/coffee on return which is lovely. I found this a really nice stress free ride. Here’s the route for you!

 Happy trails  


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